Friday, December 18, 2009

Fruit Skewers

Today is not about a recipe - it's more like a tip for those who don't know what to do to present fruits in a creative and beautiful way. It's kind of a well-known idea, but worked really well in here. I just got some skewers and filled them with strawberries, seedless grapes, melon and banana. I served them with some yogurt, to dip the fruits in it. The kids really enjoyed it and ate all the almost the 20 fruit skewers we'd made - notice there were only 4 kids! And us, of course! Simple as that, a healthy snack!


  1. those look great!! so much fun to eat!

  2. This is an excellent way to get the kids to eat their fruit.

  3. What a fantastic idea for kids - I'll definitely be using this in the future.