Thursday, January 7, 2010

Banana Farofa with Herb Buttered Steak

Fortunately all the hurry is over - at least for a while. I'm engaged on some new plans, hoping they will work! Today I'm posting a recipe that I've always wanted to make, but never had the chance. I bought a beautiful bunch of bananas last week to make this recipe, and, after I made it, the other bananasstarted getting kind of rotten. So I had the idea of making this farofa (which is a delicious couscous-like mixture in which, instead of the couscous, we use manioc flour, very common around here). The herb butter was also an idea that worked out really well with the farofa!

Banana Farofa


1 banana, sliced
3 tbsp butter
1 and 1/2 cup manioc flour
2 tbsp chopped onion


In a saucepan or a deep frying pan, heat the butter and add the onions to fry for about 2 minutes. Slowly pour the flour and mix it well. Put the salt (not too much, the farofa is not to be salty) and the slices of banana,  incorporating gently so they won't break or mash.
PS: The secret for a moist farofa is the butter. The more butter, the better.

Herb Buttered Steak


Fresh herbs (I used basil, thyme and salvia)
2 tbsp butter
8 steaks


Wash the herbs and tear them with your hands. Add the butter at room temperature and mix them well with a fork. Smear the mixture on the steaks, season with salt and grill immediately.

PS: The herb's flavor is very subtle, goes really well with the banana sweetness. You can use any kind of fresh herb.


  1. wow that is a very refreshing combination!!

  2. I have not had farofa before. It looks delicious. I'll have to track down some manioc flour.

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! What's with bananas lately? I'm hooked too. Now just to find the manioc! Ken